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Money Matters

North Warwickshire Citizens Advice is always looking for innovative ways to help people develop their money management skills.

Through our research, we know that life events like having a baby or starting a new job can have a big impact on people’s financial wellbeing.

Therefore, we made the Money Matters Resource Kit. The kit contains fact sheets to help deal with changes you experience at any time in your life.

Fact sheets

  1. Got married or moved in with a partner
  2. Having a baby
  3. Losing your job – Disciplinary action & dismissal
  4. Losing your job – Redundancy
  5. Starting a new job
  6. Preparing for retirement
  7. Having a child leave school or college
  8. Separation
  9. Moving house
  10. Losing your home
  11. Bereavement
  12. Significant change in income
  13. Serious illness/disability

If you need help and you live in Warwickshire, contact us for advice.