Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment

Overview of the role: 


We offer the opportunity to be a part of North Warwickshire Citizens Advice’s volunteer recruitment and support. Volunteers make up the majority of our workforce, and our priority is to be able to offer opportunities for all those wanting to volunteer with us, making it the most positive and valuable experience for them. 


As part of our volunteer recruitment team, you will undertake activities such as: 


  • promoting North Warwickshire Citizens Advice’s service so that people understand what we do, what volunteer roles are available and how to become a volunteer  
  • create leaflets and posters to promote the service, or use existing materials to encourage people to volunteer with North Warwickshire Citizens Advice 
  • talk to volunteers about their role and their experiences of volunteering, to create case studies about current and past volunteers to show the valuable contribution volunteering provides. 
  • help staff and volunteers to arrange talks or events to promote North Warwickshire Citizens Advice in the community, such as  at community events, colleges/universities, local businesses, groups (disability, social, charity, religious), volunteering fairs etc.  
  • Be a crucial part of volunteer recruitment, helping to attract and encourage volunteers from a range of backgrounds for the many volunteer roles we offer. 
  • use local press, radio, social media and our North Warwickshire Citizens Advice website and newsletter to raise the profile of our charity and the volunteering opportunities we offer. 


What’s in it for you?  


  • learn about different volunteer roles and the experiences of volunteers  
  • have a positive impact on someone else’s experience of volunteering with the local Citizens Advice 
  • meet people and build relationships with new volunteers  
  • build on valuable skills such as communication, listening, advertising and recruitment. 
  • increase your employability 
  • work with a range of different people, independently and in a team. 
  • make a real difference to people’s lives, including to people who go on to volunteer, and to clients who receive a service from volunteers 
  • have a positive impact in your community 


What you need to have: 

You don’t need specific qualifications or skills but you’ll need to: 

  • be friendly and approachable 
  • respect views, values and cultures that are different to your own 
  • have excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • have good IT skills 
  • have a positive attitude towards volunteering 
  • be willing to learn about and follow the Citizens Advice aims, principles and policies, including confidentiality and data protection 
  • be willing to undertake training in your role 


How much time do you need to give? 


We can be flexible about the time spent and how often you volunteer within the fundraising role; on average we ask for a minimum of one day per week (Monday – Friday) commitment to this role, which can be flexibly undertaken throughout the week. Please come and talk to us to let us know what time commitment you can offer. 


What does the training look like? 


On joining North Warwickshire Citizens Advice, you will receive a full induction and introduction into the service. On completion of this, you will receive comprehensive training on the systems and processes required within your role, and receive full support and guidance from your Supervisor and the Training team.